Review of the JetX : real money game

JetX game

JetX Game is one of the most popular slots available at online casinos. Here you will find fast and big winnings, as well as an atmosphere of genuine excitement. In fact, the game is quite easy to understand and you don’t need to study a lot of information. All you have to do is click a couple of buttons to start winning. SmartSoft Gaming has perfectly thought out all of the game’s features and all you have to do is familiarize yourself with them and start playing. 

What is JetX game

If you want to know what is JetX game, just look at the similar Aviator game. However, those not entirely familiar with the casino theme have little idea what the slot is. Basically, JetX game has the functionality of an ordinary gambling game that is only available for betting on the Internet. Visually, it is an ordinary screen where some action takes place. In this case, you will see a spaceship taking off. Its task is simply to fly. Depending on how far into space the ship flies, it will depend on how much winnings are available to you. Users, on the other hand, must wager and wait for liftoff before the spaceship takes off. Players, on the other hand, can collect their winnings at any time while the ship is in flight.

what is JetX game

It is important for the player to be on their guard at all times and to be very careful when playing the slot. The fact is that you can lose your winnings at any time. You can bet on your own in each round of JetX casino game, or you can set the Auto mode and choose which multiplier will be the trigger for completing the round. The rules are pretty straightforward and you’ll have no trouble figuring it out and enjoying it. 

How JetX Game works

How to Bet on JetX

JetX betting game is based on a random number generator. When a player or more players place a chip, it triggers an RNG which randomly selects the number that will be in a given round. This approach is quite effective and works well in many slots. However, some players may question the fairness of this generator. The thing is, when you play JetX you can be sure that it is a fair game.

The specially developed random number generator has been certified by the licensing authority. In other words, in order to allow the JetX game to be played for real money it was tested for deviations. If there were any errors or inaccuracies in the RNG, the slot would not be allowed. This is guaranteed by a license issued by a reputable governmental body. The competence of this license also includes software testing.

How to Bet on JetX?

In order to understand the stakes in JetX casino game you need to take a look at the playing field. Here you will see the main screen where the spaceship takes off, as well as the information block and the panel with the stake buttons. So, to the right of the main screen there is a block where you can find information about:

  • Current Stakes. In this box you will see your current bets. That is, each new round here will give you information about the amount of your stake
  • My Bets. Here you can find the history of all the bets you have placed. It’s quite handy to see which stake you’ve made and how much you’ve bet
  • Statistics. In this tab, you can find information about which multiplier you have received and whether your bet has won. This is where all your bets and betting information are stored. 
JetX betting game

You can now move on to the main block, which is responsible directly for the JetX bet. Below the main slot screen is a panel where you can select your stake size by clicking on BET from 0.1 to 600 USD per round. The Collect box informs you which multiplier will trigger the slot, so you can end the game in Auto mode. The Place you bet button is responsible for placing your bet for the round. If you want the slot to be played in automatic mode, simply click on Auto. 

How to win money at JetX: Best Strategies

In order to start winning money at jetX bet, you need to realise that this game itself is already programmed to win. The fact is that this slot has an RTP of 97%, which is pretty high for an online casino game. So the point of the game is not to get greedy and go home with winnings after small wins.

But, some users are looking for different methods to help them greatly increase their betting winnings at JetX. Here are some of the best strategies to help you win more:

JetX casino game
  • Place big stakes on a small multiplier and small bets on a large multiplier. This method is built on the idea that you can decide when to stop and still minimise your losses. So when you place small stakes on a big multiplier, you need a smaller pot. For big bets, you need a bigger pot
  • Martingale. Yes, this strategy can still pay off. The idea is that you have to double your stake every time you lose
  • Playing ahead of the game. This strategy is a one-player game. You have to wait for five losing rounds before you start betting. The chances of winning big are much greater. 

Is JetX game real or fake?

There is no doubt that JetX casino game is real. What’s more, this game is owned by SmartSoft Gaming. This game has become a flagship game based on a survey and player preferences. Notably, you can play this slotnot only for real money, but also in demo mode. The free game will give you an idea of how the gameplay happens and you can try out some strategies to win. 

Moreover, Jet X is available on all mobile devices including phones and tablets. All you need to do is launch the built-in browser on your Android or iOS device. Then just start playing the slot. Users can earn various bonuses and take part in promotions that are designed to increase your winnings.